Links I love: This Month In Influencer Marketing - May 17, 2018

I finally mustered up enough energy to write this blog post! YAY! I’ve been accumulating my favorite articles on the topic of influencer marketing and content over the last few weeks, so there would be some meat on this bone. Here is a roundup of posts that can help you better understand the shifts in influencer marketing/partnerships as well as case studies and insights that I found to be very beneficial.



Why Marriott Continues to Bet Big on These Incredible Pop-Up Hotel Rooms at Coachella (AdWeek) Getting experiential with influencers is key if you want them to post organically about your brand with genuine enthusiasm.

How To Get Influencer Marketing Content To Perform (Grapevine)

How to ensure you are optimized and ready to handle an influencer partnership. Do you have CTAs? Are your landing pages accurate and relevant?

Don’t Feature Influencers (L2Inc)

Why you should feature an influencer post on Instagram only for aesthetics, and not just because you are excited to re-post.

Indie Index: Ofra Cosmetics (L2Inc)

Check out how Ofra is nailing influencer product collaborations. Not to mention, their highlighters and liquid lipsticks are HEAVEN.

Meghan Markle: The Biggest Influencer of All? (Business of Fashion)

The ultimate influencer. Check out the massive influence she has on brands. And Meghan’s effortless chic is goals.

Refinery29 is Hoping its New 24/7 Digital Channel Can Put it Back on its Feet (Videoink)

The state of digital publishing goes to show you that the real influence is in unique perspectives of storytelling through individuals and platforms, NOT a website.

6 Instagram Tips to Boost Your Luxury Brand (L2Inc)

A quick reminder to use hashtags, influencers and to make posts shoppable.