Links I love: This Month In Influencer Marketing - June 25, 2018

Happy hump day! There have been a lot of interesting articles to hit the internet regarding influencer marketing, especially in the travel sector. And what I have been reminded of over the last few weeks, is that makeup artists and magazine editors are influencers too. Oh yeah, and influencer fraud is bubbling up.

Here is a roundup of posts that can help you better understand the shifts in influencer marketing/partnerships, and of content that I found to be very useful.

Inside L’Oreal’s Cannes Strategy (Business of Fashion)

They kicked butt at the film festival by creating a Cannes Studio and producing a sh*t ton of content. And there were Yachts involved.

Fashion Editors or Influencers? Sometimes It’s Hard to Tell. (Business of Fashion)

Don’t forget the fashion or beauty editors! This is an interesting niche segment of influencers who should be tapped into and romanced.

Standout Mother’s Day Influencer Marketing Campaigns From Herbal Essences & More (Mediakix)

The Herbal Essences #pregnantwomencan campaign was so great! And it pulled on the heart strings for sure. I just wish they highlighted a bit more what the brand stands for and how it connects to the campaign.

Under The Influence (Travel Weekly)

The travel industry is finally going big with Influencers, but they are also highly aware of fraud and inflated numbers.

Beauty Report Reveals Influencer marketing is proving effective for 98% of the beauty industry (Real Wire via Celebrity Intelligence)

An incredibly impactful report. ‘A significant finding of this study is that Instagram is proving the most successful channel for talent-led collaborations for 78% of respondents, overtaking YouTube.’ Whaaaat!

Unilever Banned Influencers With Fake Followers. Is a Reckoning Next? (Racked)

‘The purge’ is coming for influencers with fake followers. Make sure to take the time and use due diligence when targeting the right people for your campaign.