Links I Love This Week

Forgive me, for I have neglected this blog. I've been wanting to deliver more posts and info, but I have unfortunately been sick the past week and recovering from all the traveling I did over the holidays.  Womp. Womp. But I'm back!  Check out these links that are worth the read! 

Photo by  scraperka

Photo by scraperka

Don't be tardy for the party when it comes to using your content to capitalize on trends.

How To Create Sellar Blog Posts from Trending Topics (Medium)

If you are not making the most out of Instagram now with ads and Stories, it's time to jump on the train.  Good read on what's to come this year.

3 Big Instagram Marketing Predictions in 2017 (LinkedIn)

This post was eye-opening.  It's ok to brag a little because you never know what opportunities may open up because of sharing.

How To Master The Art of Bragging Like A Pro (LinkedIn)

A must-read if you are an e-commerce based business. 

Facebook Dynamic Ads Update: Expand Reach to Broad Audiences (Jon Loomer)

An easy to understand and comprehensive guide to getting started with Facebook Ads and it is spot on. 

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Guide (Oribi)