Links I Love This Past Week

Happy Monday! Here is a quick digest of some links that I recently found were super insightful, personally and professionally. I promise I will write another long-form post soon, but I have been hard at work with the awesome, 8 App. Please download and play around with it. We are working on some very cool features, and if you are a brand that is interested in working with us, shoot me an email at We have some free tools for brands that will rock your socks. You can follow me on the 8 app @decodigitalco - it's where I post a lot of my creative inspiration. 

Photo by  Made

Photo by Made

It’s time to capitalize on your shower moments.

How To Have Breakthrough Ideas (Fortune)

Turning tiny daily habits into huge triumphs. My fiancé is Spanish and I’m using this method to re-learn Spanish. Wish me luck!

How I Became A Morning Person, Read More Books, And Learned A Language In A Year (Fast Company)

How to gather and cultivate leads using Facebook Ads...simplified.

How Convert Prospective Customers (Advertisemint)

Wow, Facebook stories?

12 Must-Have Facebook Features And Updates To Expect This Year (Advertisemint)

You need this.

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Analytics (Later)


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