Links I Love - Influencer Marketing and Instagram Everything

Here is a list of my top 4 links that struck a chord with me the past couple of weeks. Algorithms are changing at a rapid pace and what used to work, doesn’t seem to work anymore. It is the wild wild west out here and you have to be nimble to stay relevant and compelling. I find it quite thrilling actually. Why? Because even the smallest brand can make an impact if you have passion, a kick-ass strategy, and are creating authentic awesome content that people feel inspired by or can learn from. The world is our oyster!

Are Micro-Influencers Or Macro-Influencers More Effective? [Infographic] (Hubspot)

The great debate. I believe a blend of the two is a complimentary strategy that seems to be the most effective. Use micros (and even nanos) to amplify a larger campaign with macros.

The 4 Types of Content That Work Best, According to the UK’s Leading Content Researcher (Contently)

The perfect recipe of sentiment and what compels us to respond to some brands’ content.

Thinking Beyond Social (L2)

When it comes to influencer marketing, brands must do their part to amplify and empower to get the best ROI.

Introducing Instagram Polls and How Your Business Can Make The Most Of It (LinkedIn)

Pure GENUIS. I’m super excited about this new feature. If you are not using Instagram Polls to get instant data from your most engaged customers, you're crazy.

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